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Angkor Thom (Angkor-the-large), the city surrounded by walls four kilometers wide and whose five gates are crowned Face of the High Kings guardians of Buddha Orients of cosmology but also to all the deities of Impire.
Angkor Thom , framing the west and east, these are two huge impoundments elongated, the Baray, which extend to the lateral boundaries of the site: One side the East Baray, the other the Western Baray.
To the north, there is another basin-small tank,
The Baray of Preah Khan, a dependency of the vast temple to the east where it is located and which gives its name.

Jayavarman VII(1181-1218), le fondateur d'Angkor

Jayavarman VII(1181-1218),
the founder of Angkor, the great king who liberated his country from Chams conqueror and brought the borders of the empire further than ever before him.

Angkor Thom is the royal city built by Jayavarman VII (who reigned from 1181 to probably 1220), Buddhist king of the Khmer Empire in the late twelfth century and the early thirteenth century, after the conquest and destruction of Angkor by the Chams.

Its current name, Angkor Thom means "great city", whose name was Mahānagara Sanskrit. It is the witness of the greatness of the empire. This city is located about two kilometers from the right bank of Siem Reap, a tributary of the Tonle Sap.

Khmer writing
Khmer writing on the walls of Angkor.

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